Tame and Aneni had known each other for about 3 years before they got together, they went to the same class together at Medewalabo University. They would say hi to each other in the hall if they ever saw one another, but never really went out of their way to talk to one another.
On October 2013, it was class registration day, Aneni was waiting the long and depressing line. Tame walked up to her and then asked how she was doing she told him she was in a hurry because she was going back to Addis after registration. He immediately took her paper and finished her registration in no time, rescued her from the trouble she was going to face. she was so happy and say thank you and went to Addis.


On the next day Tame asked a mutual friend for Aneni’s phone number and called her. They got to talking and ended up connecting with each other. On that moment they knew they have something special. Once class started, they used every opportunity to spend time together and before they knew it, they fell inlove.Even after graduation, they stayed strong and even started working together.
On February 14th 2016, It was a Valenines day,the most romantic day of the year. Tame and Aneni had a date. After they had dinner, Tame proposed ..and of course, Anene said yes! They celebrated with their families the next day with dinner and a champagne toast.